Step 1. Learn about Home Ownership

These learning tools will help you become an educated consumer in the Real Estate world.

Taking some time to learn about financing, homes and the various costs associated with home ownership will put you on the path to success. We can't over state the importance of being prepared when it comes time to make what is most likely the largest purchase of your life.

Home Ownership Courses



CreditSmart® Homebuyer U offers six modules, each focused on key learning principles to promote education, homebuyer preparedness and financial management.



Framework satisfies the homebuyer education requirements for Fannie Mae HomePath Ready Buyer™ and HomeReady® by Fannie Mae.


Beyond Housing's mission is to strengthen neighborhoods, one family at a time by providing affordable housing and homeownership services. Learn how to:Determine if homeownership is right for you, Shop for a home, Maintain your home

Home Buying Kit fir Dummies  Packed with valuable tips for getting the best deal on your new home and navigating an ever-changing housing market, it shows you how to find the right property, make smart financial decisions, and understand the latest lending requirements and tax implications.

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Buying your first Home  You'll find insights from 15 real estate professionals—brokers, attorneys, mortgage specialists, a home inspector, and more. It’s like having a team of experts by your side! Plus, read real-life stories of over 20 first-time homebuyers.

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