Utility Service Activation - Plan ahead on calling to establish utilities in your name by closing, so nothing will be shut off when you move into you new home. No water in your home will be an inconvenience. If you are certain that your lender is able to close on your scheduled closing date, then you can call several days in advance. However, you might want to call just one or two business days before closing as usually all utility companies can activate the service the next day. If the weather forecast looks to be bad, you might want to call sooner than just 1 day before. The sales contract allows you have utilities transferred into your name within 4 days prior to closing.


While many buyers start utilities on the day of closing, here's why you might consider transferring them 1-4 days before closing. Paragraph 19 in the Sale Contract stipulates that the seller is to have the utilities turned on, at seller's expense, for your Final Walk-Through Appointment. However in some cases, especially on vacant homes, or if the seller has recently moved out, they forget and terminate the utilities. Sometimes water has been turned off. By activating the service a day or two before your Walk-Through appointment with me, this assures utilities are on so we can turn on appliances and run water to check for any leaks. If you're doing your Walk-Through the morning of closing day, then set your activation dates for the day before closing.

Use this page as reference for when you are ready to make the phone calls. A few times, I have had the lender, or the title company, or even the seller call to say they need to delay the closing by a few days. If this happens, and the extension is going to be more than just a few days, you might desire to reschedule all your activation dates, especially if the home is occupied (although daily utility costs are not exorbitant). Calling again is not really that big of a deal, but I'm sure you would like to avoid headaches whenever possible. If there is going to be a delay in closing, we sometimes only hear about it by 1 to 3 days prior. So for this possibility, perhaps wait to make your calls for transfer until just 1 or 2 business days prior to our Walk-Through appointment. If weather is bad, you might want to call sooner than just one day prior to closing.

AT&T Phone  800-464-7928

Spire Gas  314-621-6960   Toll Free 800-887-4173   Spire Gas Company
For a transfer from seller to a new owner, Laclede can do so with no one present. If service has been deactivated, they may require someone present while turning back on to do an appliance safety check.  They only grant a 7am to noon, or noon to 5pm, time preference.

Ameren Electric  314-342-1000   Toll Free 800-552-7583  Ameren Missouri  Click:  >> Customer Service Center  >> Start, Stop, Move

MOWAC - Missouri American Water Company  866-430-0820   Missouri American Water

St Louis City  314-771-2255

St Charles  636-949-3213

St Peters  636-447-4440

O'Fallon Water & Sewer 636-281-2858

Lake St Louis  636-561-3737

Sewer - is transferred by the title company.  You don't need to do anything.   MetropolitanSt Louis Sewer District

Trash - sometimes your local City Hall provides trash service.  Here are the major trash companies: 
Waste Management  =  800-989-2783  (Website has a Zip Code Locater)  

Meridian Waste Services  =  314-291-3131

Republic Services = 314-631-3400

Allied Waste  =  636-947-5959

Spire Gas - To establish gas service, call our Customer Relations Department at (314) 621-6960 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday (toll calls: 1-800-887-4173). You will need to call us at least 24 hours before you want to establish service. It is best to plan ahead to avoid asking for your service to begin on a Sunday or a holiday because those days are reserved for emergency work. All customers will be charged a fee for the initiation of service. A customer may choose to have the total fee billed on one month’s bill or spread over four months.  We will need the following:

  •      Your name

  •      Address of new service

  •      Your Social Security number

  •      A telephone number where you can be reached on the day we will establish your service

  •      Information regarding prior gas service with Laclede

  •      If you are a new customer, we also may require a Security Deposit

To begin your gas service, they must have access to your gas meter and to your appliances in order to perform an appliance safety check.  An adult, age 18 or older, must be present to provide access for their service technician.

Below are Additional Numbers...

Gas Companies

Spire Gas Co.                           (314) 621-6960

St. Charles Gas                        (636) 946-8937

Midwest MO Gas                    (636) 931-5353 or (877) 696-6427

MO Natural Gas                      (636) 931-8383 or (800) 675-6577

Electric Companies

Ameren UE                               (314) 342-1000 or (800) 552-7583

Cuivre River Electric                (636) 441-7410 or (800) 392-3709

City of Kirkwood                      (314) 822-5836

Telephone Service

SWBT Residential Service       (800) 464- 7928

SWBT (out of state call)           (800) 203- 7070

SWBT billing                              (800) 203-4040

AT&T                                           (now Charter)(800) 222-0300

VERIZON (formerly GTE)          (800) 483-4400

Cable T. V.

Spectrum                                   (636) 207-7044

Water Suppliers --- St. Louis County

Missouri American Water*      (866) 430-0820

Eureka City Water                      (636)938-5233

Florissant City Water                 (314)839-7618

Kirkwood City Water                  (314)822-5836

St. Louis City Water                    (314)771-2255

Valley Park City Water               (636)225-2676

Webster Groves City Water      (314) 963-5332

Water Suppliers --- Jefferson County

C-1 (Bamhart, Antonia,)            (636) 942-3869

District 1 (City of Arnold)          (636) 296-0659

District 2 (High Ridge area)      (636)326-0200

District 3 (Hwys 141 & 21)        (636)296-7053

District 5 (Desoto area)            (636) 586-5445

District 6 (House Springs)        (636) 671-4096

District 7 (Pevely area)             (636) 479-5593

District 8 (Cedar Hill area)       (636) 274-3125

District 10 (Imperial)                (636) 467-6868

District 12 (Festus)                    (636) 937-9697

Crystal City                                (636) 937-4614

Desoto                                       (636) 586-3326

Festus                                        (636) 937-4694

Herculaneum                            (636) 479-3777

Hillsboro                                    (636) 797-3334

Raintree Plantation                  (636) 464-5561

Pevely                                         (636) 475-4452

Utility Websites

www.ameren.com   Ameren UE

www.lacledegas.com   Laclede Gas & outlying services

www.cuivre.com   Cuivre River Electric Co-op Missouri

www.mawc.com  American Water Co.

www.swbell.com  Southwestern Bell Telephone

www.verizon.com  Verizon Telecom

www.spectrum.com Spectrum Communications

www.cableamerica.com  Cable America Corp.